5 Victims of WWE’s Creative Writing

Have you ever looked at a WWE superstar and thought, “they should be doing SO much more with him/her”? More than likely the answer is yes. In fact in the last 15 years you could probably write a list as long as Chris Jericho’s of superstars that were wasted creatively. Unfortunately that sad fact will probably never change, but here are 5 of the current WWE roster superstars I think are being wasted creatively.

Dolph Ziggler


It’s becoming a regular occurrence including Ziggler on these lists, and really, what else is there to say? One of the most talented all round performers in the pro wrestling business today, so why can’t the WWE creative find any consistency in his character? Again, I’ve said a lot on Ziggler in the past and how the company push him for a matter of weeks and then just forget about him.
Of of wrestlings biggest critics in Jim Cornette often speaks of is admiration for Dolph, but in reality, what is there to admire about a guy who loses all the time? How do you even promote a guy like that?
This time last year he was gearing up to fight Dean Ambrose for the WWE Heavyweight Title, and now? I don’t think he’s even been on Smackdown Live for the past 2 weeks. He had that exciting angle with The Miz for the Intercontinental Title, but ultimately he lost that feud and fizzles out once again without any help from the creative team.
He was used as Shinsuke Nakamura’s first main roster feud, and then as Nakamura went on to bigger things, Ziggler stalled. He was given a spot in the Money In The Bank recently, but I think most fans knew WWE wouldn’t give him the spotlight. It wouldn’t surprise me if this time next year, Ziggler has in fact departed the company.

Becky Lynch

The ‘Lass Kicker’ is so popular, yet the writers can’t give the fans what they want, and that is Becky at the top of the ladder. Sure, Lynch was the first Smackdown Live Women’s Champion, but that can’t hide the fact her character is a pushover. The only one of the ‘4 Horsewomen’ not to capture the NXT title, and also the only of the 4 not currently on the flagship show, Raw. It would be forgiven to think perhaps Lynch is seen as the top female star on Smackdown Live, but she’s never been booked that way, and in fact since Charlotte moved over to the blue brand, she’s become even less important.
I’m a fan of hers, but she always seems to come up short in the big events and matches. Why do WWE insist on overshadowing her all the time? In honesty you could say the same about Natalya, but even she has overstepped Becky.

Sami Zayn

WWE don’t seem to know what they either want to do with or want to get out of Sami Zayn. He’s firstly booked as a credible threat to top guys like Owens and Jericho, but then they’ll have him thrown around like a jobber by Braun Strowman. That feud really did him no favours whatsoever.
There’s been numerous opportunities to give him either the Intercontinental Title or the U.S title and go on a run worthy of his talents, but he’s always the guy, the next champion defeats before he wins the title. He’s the ‘fall guy’, if you will. Over on Smackdown Live now, his fortunes are a bit of a mixed bag, he came off looking very weak in Mike Kanellis’s pay per view debut, losing, and with no real long term plan in place, it’s hard to even think of where he would be in a few months.
This is a big problem of the WWE creative team, there’s no long term booking anymore. If you wanted to plan Zayn to be United States Champion by the Royal Rumble, you could put plans in place now, but they don’t seem to want to make the effort to give him anything decent storyline wise for fans to sink their teeth into. Zayn will always remain on the same particular level unless WWE write him an entertaining angle for fans to get behind.

Gallows & Anderson

Why aren’t these guys 2 of the coolest in the company? Why don’t WWE have thousands of fans out there sporting their t-shirts? You look at the indie circuit and you see the ‘Bullet Club’, gaining more popularity by the week, yet Gallows & Anderson who were part of that group seem to have been stripped back of their charisma. Barely allowed any microphone time, and when they are they’re given goofy segments which really go against what they are.
Why don’t WWE pair Gallows & Anderson with someone and really make them ‘The Club’, because the 2 of them don’t seem to be a priority. So much hype upon their arrival, and despite a tease reunion with Finn Balor and a short lived alliance with AJ Styles, they haven’t been able to reach the popularity anyone expected. The Bullet Club are so liked because they’re ‘cool’, ‘hip’, and ‘in your face’, and let’s face it a rip off of the New World Order, who were exactly like that back in the 90’s, where as today there aren’t many factions in WWE (bar New Day) that can claim to be anywhere near that. I don’t think simply trading superstars to the other show is the solution, but I think a switch over to Smackdown Live would do them the world of good, not just because of the opportunities, but because they could start over again and be the team we all hoped they’d be.

Bray Wyatt

The character of Bray Wyatt is SO frustrating. WWE fans can agree, we like Bray, there’s something edgy and mysterious about him (even if his promos are a bit repetitive). He’s a good in ring worker, he can talk, he’s got the look and the charisma, but what’s frustrating is he always seems to lose. Now nobody expects someone to win ALL the time (unless you’re Goldberg in WCW or Brock Lesnar on a big fat contract), but Wyatt always seems to come up short when it matters. His title victory from this years Elimination Chamber was a surprise, but it was also the start of a new era of the Wyatt character, but like always, it just fell flat and he dropped the title to Orton at Wrestlemania. Had the company given Wyatt a few big time victories, then perhaps he would be one of the top guys in the WWE right now, and although he’s near that, he just doesn’t seem like a big time superstar.
What are the company scared about when it comes to letting him be the main superstar? Each feud he has despite gaining an advantage or a win, we all know and can safely assume he won’t be leaving that particular rivalry as the overall winner.
Would beating Undertaker at Wrestlemania 31 have helped him? Probably. Would holding the WWE Title for longer than a month helped him? Definitely. If Wyatt is to be believable anymore, they have to start writing creative angles for him. For all the negativity it received, I liked the House of Horrors match, it was gimmicky and strange, just like Bray’s character is supposed to be, it fit perfect. Wyatt needs more of the same if he’s to continue to be relevant or in the conversation of the future of WWE.