6 Questions With Lady Chardonnay Darcy

Lady Chardonnay Darcy has been in the wrestling business since 2014 wrestling all over the United Kingdom. She got her big break as the bubbly valet to Bubblegum in New […]

Lady Chardonnay Darcy has been in the wrestling business since 2014 wrestling all over the United Kingdom. She got her big break as the bubbly valet to Bubblegum in New Generation Wrestling as Chardonnay. Well, she has broken out of that character, becoming Lady Chardonnay Darcy and has become a breakout star of the British women’s wrestling scene in 2017. She graciously took time from her busy schedule, which includes getting ready to debut for STARDOM in late August for that promotion’s 5 Star Gran Prix, and answered a few questions.

The Curtain Jerker: Why wrestling? Outside of all women promotions, spots for women on shows is far more competitive than for men due to ladies only getting one match or even no matches on a show, why get into something so competitive?

Lady Chardonnay Darcy: From a young age I have always enjoyed wrestling, for me growing up “Mighty Molly” (Molly Holly) was like my idol. I never thought I’d actually become a wrestler, all my childhood to teens I was always a dancer from ballet, tap, jazz and freestyle disco kid so very used to competitive sports

The Curtain Jerker: My very first exposure of you was when you were Chardonnay in New Generation Wrestling. I believe when you started it was about 8 months after your wrestling debut. How was that experience working with Bubblegum and getting a lot of camera time?

Lady Chardonnay Darcy: I absolutely love working for NGW, they have really allowed me to get my character out there with promos and I have probably crossed the line nearly a few times with my involvement in Bubblegum’s matches, but I only want him to be the best man and win πŸ™‚ I never thought I’d be climbing up a ladder, kicking a lot of men where it hurts and also kissing a beast (Wild Boar) but really when I am with Bubblegum, it’s only the winning which runs through my head!

The Curtain Jerker: In December of 2016, you made a change to your look, going from a blonde to a brunette, gimmick and even a name change, from Chardonnay to Lady Chardonnay Darcy. What prompted you to make a change from everything?

Lady Chardonnay Darcy: Lady Chardonnay is just me with a spruce up. Oh and also a butler! Who wouldn’t want a butler? Feel like I deserve one. After having fans always think of me as ‘chav’ ‘bimbo’ and common, I want them to see a different side of me and so far I am really enjoying it. Sometimes the old Chardonnay does show through but ‘butler Savoy’ always tries to banish that away.

The Curtain Jerker: 2017 has been an outstanding first 6 months for you, not just wrestling in the U.K., but doing a small tour of Germany with German Pro Wrestling. Is there any difference to the wrestling atmosphere in the U.K. and Germany?

Lady Chardonnay Darcy: German pro wrestling was a great experience for me, I always love European shows everyone is so friendly and welcoming even when it comes to a debut not seeing you before. I wouldn’t say it’s a whole lot different to UK shows but just the way everyone makes you feel is great! I can’t remember the exact figures of that show but it was completely packed out!

The Curtain Jerker: Continuing talking about your breakout 2017, you have recently been chosen to go to STARDOM in Japan, the top or at least one of the top, female promotions in the world. How did that come about and what are you looking forward to most, wrestling-wise and culture-wise in Japan?

Lady Chardonnay Darcy: I feel so lucky to be heading off to Stardom later this year, for most of us it’s a dream come true to be on shows and train in Japan! I really can’t wait to go sightseeing and also try their dishes! I am a big foody, so really shows and food I’m sure will be my highlight!

The Curtain Jerker: What do you hope the future holds for Lady Chardonnay Darcy in wrestling? Is it to make it to WWE, or another big promotion that has a regular TV show around the world, like Ring of Honor or Global Force Wrestling, or making a living going through place like STARDOM in Japan and SHIMMER in the United States?

Lady Chardonnay Darcy: WWE is where I’d love to end up BUT I’d also love to come to America this year for a period of time and work some Indy shows there! Hopefully I also get a welcome back from Japan after my tour! I just honestly want to get out there more and enjoy Indy shows, work as many different females (as there’s currently so many girls that are top notch) and work for a lot of different promotions! So really just enjoy this great sport wrestling πŸ™‚

Thank you once again to Lady Chardonnay Darcy for taking time out of her schedule to answer some questions. You can follow her on Twitter, @ladyCDarcy and you can catch her during her tour of STARDOM, competing in the % Star Gran Prix, starting on August 19th and going through September 24th at www.stardom-world.com.