Who has the best Elbow Drop?

The top rope elbow drop is probably the best know top rope move out there. Even if you’ve never watched wrestling before, you could probably tell what an elbow drop […]

The top rope elbow drop is probably the best know top rope move out there. Even if you’ve never watched wrestling before, you could probably tell what an elbow drop is. 

However, even with a move this common, there are certain superstars who have made the move their speciality. This list breaks down and explains, which superstars have the greatest elbow drops of all time. 

To be noted, this list does not include standing elbow drops, so you shall not be seeing the People Elbow on this list. 

Honourable Mention

WWWWWWEEEEELLLLLL the honourable mention goes to the Big Show. This is a last minute addition to the list, but after that awesome top rope elbow drop he pulled on RAW last night, there was no way he wasn’t making the list!

5) Bayley

The huggable one isn’t one to shy away from saying Macho Man was an inspiration to her. That’s why, whenever she performs an elbow drop from the turnbuckle, the move feels chock full of emotion. 

Bayley’s elbow drop has been used to put away some of her toughest opponents. The likes of Nia Jax and even more famously using the move to win her inaugural Wrestlemania match. 

There is no doubt that Bayley’s elbow drop is booked to devastating effect. However, the execution of the move isn’t as great as others on this list. 

Her elbow drop gets decent enough height, but no real distance. Not to take anything away from her, she does a bang-up job of executing the move similarly to Macho Man, which gives it an added aesthetic appeal. However, despite this, the manoeuvre doesn’t look spectacular. 

I’d still rather get a hug from Bayley then an elbow drop though.

4) Tyson Kidd

We’ve not seen Tyson Kidd in action since HE ALMOST DIED in a dark match against Samoa Joe in June 2015. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely looks that we’ll see him in a (WWE) ring again. 

This is a massive shame, as Kidd was an incredibly gifted wrestler, with the likes of CM Punk calling him an under-appreciated workhorse. 

Kidd’s place on this list is unique. Although he did technically perform a top rope elbow drop, it wasn’t from the top turnbuckle. Kidd’s elbow drop was a springboard elbow, similar to the phenomenal forearm if you’ve never seen Kidd execute the move. 

The move displays Kidd’s raw athletic ability, and looked lovely as he seemed totally comfortable jumping off the rope! Which we know from an AJ Style storyline on the indies/NJPW isn’t the easiest feat. 

Tyson’s placement at number four is because despite how awesome it looks performing a springboard elbow, it lacks drama. Springboard moves, in general, are explosive and mostly executed when a superstar has a lot of energy (with the exception of AJ’s forearm, which he’s made feel dramatic). Unlike a top rope elbow, which requires the ‘slow climb’ and the ‘deep breath’ before making the move. 

3) Macho Man Randy Savage

OHHHH YEAHHHHHH I’m going to get some flack for this. Randy Savage is seen as a pioneer of the top rope elbow drop. However, being a pioneer doesn’t make you the best. For example, Nia Jax’s leg drop is 100% better than Hogan’s BROTHER.

Randy Savage’s elbow drop did feel special. Whenever he made that slow climb up the turnbuckle, be he face or heel, everyone stopped and stared. 

Randy Savage was using a top rope move to win matches in a time where that was a rare sight. This made the move feel extra special, and pave the way for more superstars to go to the top. If you want to see some of his best elbow drops, click here to check out a WWE compilation. My personal favourite is his elbow on Hogan.

So why isn’t Macho Man number 1? Well, it’s the selling. I understand it was a different time, and selling has changed a lot. However, when Macho Man hit the move, it didn’t always look like he was putting his all into it. This is a testament to his athletic ability because any other man would be exhausted from such a move, especially considering the distance he got. However the fact he seemed unphased by the astonishing move he just delivered takes away from the drama. The few times he did really sell the move it was amazing. It’s just a shame he didn’t do it more often.

2) Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels’ elbow drop was cute, sexy and most certainly drove the girls wild. Michael’s elbow drop was just a beauty to watch. Michaels would sometimes leap all the way across the ring to deliver the move. All the while keeping an excellent shape, which is the definition of aesthetically pleasing. Seriously, if I ever write a dictionary, the sentence example of aesthetically pleasing will be: “Shawn Michaels’ elbow drop is aesthetically pleasing”.

Furthermore, Shawn’s elbow drop got better with age! Pre-injury his elbow drop was already a sight to behold, but when he returned, boy was it magnificent. A man who hadn’t wrestled in years turns up and drops a killer elbow. Michaels is definitely the greatest in ring performer of all time. He sells the move beautifully making it look like it took as much out of him as his opponent.

In all honesty, I’m going to keep this entry short and sweet because Michaels is only number two because the top entrant is unstoppable.

1) Kairi Sane/Hojo

Kairi Sane without a doubt delivers the best top rope elbow drop ever! If you’ve not seen her execute one, just go watch a compilation on YouTube or the Mae Young Classic on the WWE Network (just £9.99 a month) (That plug tho).

The height she gets on an elbow drop is unparralled. It’d make Macho Man himself scream OHHHHH YEEEEAAAHHH, eat 100 Slim Jims and come back to life to reprise his role as Bone Saw in Spider-Man. Kairi Sane makes such a beautiful move look effortless but also look like it’ll kill the average person.

I criticised Bayley for not getting much distance on her elbows, and neither does Sane, who mostly gets height. However, there have been occasions where Sane has delivered one to the centre of the ring and maintained the massive vertical climb.

Furthermore, she sells the move beautifully. Like Michaels she makes it look like the move inflicts some damage out of her. However, what puts her above Michaels is that she used the momentum from selling the pain and turn that into a seamless cover.

Kairi Sane is the master of the elbow drop, there’s no doubt about it. And on top of all that, her gimmick is a pirate! An elbow dropping pirate! I’ve a new favourite wrestler…