The Brock Lesnar Raw disruption.

So just as everyone predicted, Brock Lesnar was victorious at Wrestlemania 33 in his match against Goldberg, and apart from a brief appearance on RAW the next night, hasn’t been […]

So just as everyone predicted, Brock Lesnar was victorious at Wrestlemania 33 in his match against Goldberg, and apart from a brief appearance on RAW the next night, hasn’t been seen since.
What a load of garbage.

Basically let’s take a look at what happened before even Goldberg arrived. There were lots of storylines and superstars competing for the chance to become Universal Champion, but ultimately once Goldberg arrived on the scene, you knew their dreams would have to be put on hold for the time being.
Then Universal Champion Kevin Owens (and as much as I dislike him) was working a pretty good angle with Chris Jericho building up to a split and possibly a Universal Title match at Wrestlemania.
Then what happened? Goldberg’s son needed to see him wrestle a few times so out of nowhere, Goldberg was given a Universal Title match, yeah, work that one out.
He defeated Kevin Owens in a pathetically low amount of time which devalued the title and demeaned the work Owens had put in over the last few months on 2016.
So that was that, Goldberg had returned at Survivor Series, beaten Brock Lesnar in less than 2 minutes, NOT won the Royal Rumble, yet he found himself heading into Wrestlemania 33 as the Universal Champion. Talk about poor booking.

Lesnar himself had as previously mentioned, lost in less than 2 minutes to Goldberg, been eliminated by Goldberg at the Royal Rumble, yet in some more bizarre booking he somehow was given a Universal Title match at Wrestlemania. Once again, poor.
WWE had seemingly wanted their whole Wrestlemania season to focus around these 2 part timers, and I wrote about this before how it’s strange to invest so much in 2 guys that aren’t helping younger talent, won’t provide anything long term and ultimately won’t be appearing with the title beyond Wrestlemania.

Let’s also think about the most irritating thing about Lesnar ‘sodding off’ for a few months, the 30 day no compete rule. What happened to that? Nobody can work that one out, especially since just WEEKS before Wrestlemania 33, Smackdown Women’s Champion Naomi was forced to vacate her title for the same ruling when she suffered an injury.

The Intercontinental Title is now the main focus of RAW, as well as the well past its sell by date, Strowman v Reigns.
You have superstars with no direction just paired together in meaningless feuds with no Universal Title to compete for.
Balor, Wyatt, Ambrose, Miz and probably Rollins and Samoa Joe will inevitably just rotate feuds with each other under Lesnar is ready to return at that ridiculous pay per view name which seriously don’t get me started on.

If you take a few steps back and look at the whole picture of the last 6 months or so, basically WWE had these great up and coming superstars, potential feuds and healthy competition on RAW, then along come Goldberg and Lesnar and just take over completely.
They’ve walzed back in (on a much higher payoff I assume), and taken the title out of WWE programming, then cleared off again.

Why on earth would a wrestling promotion book that? Yes both Brock and Goldberg draw ratings, and sell tickets, but long term it’s destroying the state of the RAW roster, and quite honestly bar the RAW after Wrestlemania, the episodes have been way below standard. The latest episode from London was so lackluster, not even the usually rowdy UK crowd could get excited.
That’s not to blame entirely on Brock Lesnar and his absence, obviously WWE should book him for more dates and give the fans a champion on their show because otherwise it seriously lacks in star power, which has been evident.

Trying to find an optimistic view of things looking down the line who could possibly challenge him?
Braun Strowman v Brock Lesnar is something I definitely don’t want to see, there is no interest on my part for that one because again, I really wouldn’t care about the outcome. I feel Strowman is being over booked to an extent it makes the Roman Reigns ‘boo club’ seem extremely hypocritical.

I’m a huge admirer of Finn Balor, but could you honestly believe that he would beat Lesnar? Not a chance.
It just seems WWE have backed themselves into a corner and to be perfectly honest they’re cheating the fans out of a champion.
The European fans who went on the recent tour didn’t get to see the Universal Title, which is as big an attraction as some of the superstars. They’re hurting the momentum of a lot of the excellent talent by having to give them filler feuds until their overpaid champion is ready to return.

So in hindsight is Brock Lesnar really worth all of this disruption within WWE? For the company, yes, but for the regular viewer, absolutely not.