Why Kairi Sane MUST win the Mae Young Classic

Full disclosure, I absolutely love Kairi Sane and will fight anyone who opposes me. From the get go Kairi, has been built to be the winner of the tournament. Be […]

Full disclosure, I absolutely love Kairi Sane and will fight anyone who opposes me.

From the get go Kairi, has been built to be the winner of the tournament. Be this the amount of screen time she gets, even when not on an episode, or how JR hypes her on commentary. Kairi Sane has been booked to feel like a winner and I’ll be damned if she’s not going to win. The only viable reason I see would be the same as Ibushi with the CWC. Ibushi was clearly the man to win the tournament, however, he didn’t sign a contract and thus lost. However, Kairi has already signed a WWE contract so there is little to stop her being victorious.

Despite it looking obvious she will in the tournament, here are some reasons why she MUST win.

Need for a strong babyface

WWE’s women’s division is the strongest it has ever been, with amazing superstars across the board. However, it really lacks in credible babyfaces on all three brands. WWE at the moment only have one truly over female babyface, and that’s Becky Lynch. They have other female competitors that are somewhat over, like Naomi, Sasha Banks (who is slowly losing faith with fans) and Ember Moon. Yet, none of these women seem to have the appeal to be the next big thing.

On the other hand, WWE has a wealth of female heels for Kairi to compete against. Charlotte, Natalya and Asuka (tweener) look like dream feuds for Sane. Sane’s charm (she’s a bloody PIRATE QUEEN) and in-ring work, will quickly make her a fan favourite.

It seems entirely possible that Sane will fill the role that Bayley was supposed to fill as the ‘cutesy’ lovable baby that one can’t help but support. However, her twist would be that she’s a strong style Japanese (BLOODY PIRATE QUEEN) who’ll crush her opponent’s ribs with her elbow drop.

Lack of faith in Baszler

WWE is certainly high on Baszler, and any other MMA fighter to be honest. They feel having these full contact fighters may bring an air of legitimacy to wrestling, helping them with mainstream crossover.

Personally, I feel Baszler isn’t good enough to viably win the Mae Young Classic. She’s certainly been booked insanely strong, however, I feel she’s a bit sloppy. When I watch wrestling, I want great story telling and amazing wrestling skill. Baszler is certainly a hard hitting badass, but she comes across as an MMA fighter not a wrestler.

I feel Baszler needs more time to grow as a wrestler, like Sonya Deville in NXT, to truly be accepted by the fans.

Hopefully, WWE goes for the 4 Horsewomen v. 4 Horsewomen angle to keep Baszler occupied. This is as the winner of the MYC should be solely occupied with chasing titles, something Kairi will certainly be able to do.

NXT Anchor

For the better part of a year, Asuka was the anchor of the women’s division in NXT. In that time, NXT has slowly developed main event competitors; Ember Moon, Nikki Cross and Ruby Riot. However, none of these women feel ‘big’ enough to fill Asuka’s boots, potentially a negative effect of Asuka’s unbeaten record.

Introducing Sane to NXT as the top babyface would rejuvenate the division once again. As she’ll be fresh off winning a tournament with the best women in the world, she’ll feel like she deserves the spot on top.

Furthermore, she’ll need the time in NXT to build her brand. Much like Shinsuke and Asuka, Sane will use NXT to build a following, so when she hits main, she’ll have an amazing reception. (Also FullSail will totally appreciate a PIRATE QUEEN!)

Japanese Market

Finally and most important to Vinny Mac is the MONEY Kairi could make him. It’s obvious in the past few years WWE has been trying to make solid ground in Japan. Poaching NJPW superstars, putting titles on top Japanese wrestler and having massive live events in Japan.

Kairi Sane could be used as another avenue to make big bucks in Japan. Sane was a name stay in Stardom (Japans top female promotion) being a top merch seller (PIRATE QUEEN MERCH!). WWE can use Sane’s universal appeal in Japan especially to turn eyes to their product, epically as Vince is probably going to bungle Asuka on main…

WWE clearly want to be the premiere wrestling company in the world, however New Japan will always hold that place in its homeland. Vince will never let wrestlers in the WWE put on matches like those in NJPW (and understandably so). Therefore he’s left with one option. If you can’t beat them, steal all their talent.