Old Skool View’s A Global Review – Episode 1

Well fans it’s been a while since venturing to an article on my own doing but all is well! I’ve been watching a lot of GFW/Impact Wrestling lately and have […]

Well fans it’s been a while since venturing to an article on my own doing but all is well! I’ve been watching a lot of GFW/Impact Wrestling lately and have been in some excellent discussions with our very own Colin & Tybo about the show, which leads me into my new weekly article.

As we all know GFW Impact uses the six sided ring, so the new article is going to be made up of 6  components…3 positive and 3 negative. So let’s have a look at these 6 components from the past weeks GFW Impact show.

Three Good

1 – The Finish to Petey Williams & Sonjay Dutt vs Caleb Konley & Trevor Lee

The match itself was decent but it was the finish that was nicely done and stood out for me. With Trevor Lee knocked to the outside, Konley got thrown into the Canadian Destroyer, which itself is a thing of beauty…into a top rope splash for the X-Division Champion. It’s the kind of move a solid tag team would use as their finisher so looked even better for a thrown together match to continue the storyline build between the four parties.

2 – LAX get a fresh and sturdy challenge of the Tag Titles

During the LAX squash match we got a snippet of oVe watching backstage so you just knew something was going to go down during the show. Post match The Crist brothers challenged LAX to a match for the GFW Tag Team Titles and it’ll go down in Mexico. LAX have been superb since their return and oVe certainly stand out so the match itself should be excellent when it finally goes down.

3 – Eli Drake vs Matt Sydal for the GFW World Championship

A very good and enjoyable match to close the show. Sydal going in off the back of defeating Lashley was probably slight favourite going in, but Eli has been on a roll of late, and again showed why he is a full deserving champion. Even the outside shenanigans from Adonis added a little something to the match which doesn’t tend to happen when it happens so often from a heel manager.

Three Bad

1 – The Finish of Allie & Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell & Sienna

I didn’t have a problem with the actual match, but the finish was all kinds of terrible. First you have KM being punched to the back by Braxton Sutter for holding Allie’s foot whilst she heads to the top, then you have Sienna simply rolling through a top rope crossbody to pin Allie, talk about making Allie look very weak when it just takes a momentum shift to end the match.

2 – The Cornette/Jonny Impact/LAX Segment

I really don’t know where to start with this one. It started poorly as the interaction between Cornette & Impact wasn’t the greatest, despite the crowds efforts to get a Jonny chant in, then it just broke down even worse when LAX got involved. Simple mistakes like not putting the microphones where they need to be just made it look horrid and shoddy, this kind of thing shouldn’t be happening.

3 – AAA highlights

By my calculations there were roughly 20 minutes of highlights from the show. From a show that has roughly 80 mins to use for wrestling/storyline purposes having 20 minutes of that time used for highlights from a partner event is just crazy, that time could have been used so much better!

I must give honourable mentions to a few segments that didn’t make either list, these being the whole Grado/Van Ness monstrosity and my new favourite stand by wrestler Richard Justice!

What do you guys think of the three good and three bad on the past weeks GFW Impact? Do you agree? Maybe you disagree? Either way you can discuss your views on the show and what future GFW matches you’re looking forward to by interacting with me on twitter.