About SLTD Wrestling

“Master a leg attack series. A single leg or double leg takedown should be the first takedown you master.”

(Warren Applegate. Essentials to Becoming a Champion [online]
Avaliable at: http://goo.gl/l1pGS)

“The single leg takedown (often shortened to single leg or single) involves grabbing one of the legs of the opponent, usually with both hands, and using the position to force the opponent to the ground. Typically, the lower part of the leg is pulled in one direction, while the torso or shoulder is used to press the body or upper part of the leg of the opponent in the other direction. There are several varieties of single leg takedowns. Some hold the leg by the ankle and are often known as ankle picks, while other varieties include high crotch, which hold the leg high up in the crotch area. Single leg takedowns can also be executed in combination with a leg trip to the other leg, which additionally destabilises the opponent. Single leg takedowns can be countered by sprawling, and, where allowed, in combination with knee strikes to the head of the opponent.”

(Wikipedia. Takedown (grappling) [online]
Available at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Takedown_(grappling))

Our Blog

We set up this blog to interact with other wrestling fans and to cover all of the news and information within world of wrestling, from weekly reviews to Pay Per View predictions and everything in-between. We aim to cover as much wrestling as possible whether it be WWE or TNA.

Our Aim

Our slogan is “Wrestling with the Fundamentals” and that’s what we aim to do; incorporating the programmes of today, i.e. the record breaking Monday Night Raw, with the origins of the sport, i.e. Wrestlemania 1, which many fans consider to be the birth of the modern day Pay Per View.

Our Writers

Here at SLTD we always welcome new writing talent; so if you feel that you have something to offer us then please get in touch here. We are happy for you to promote your own website or YouTube show for example.