SLTD Awards 2017 – The Results

Welcome to the results of the 2017 SLTD Awards! Thank you to everyone who took part in the voting to crown the winners for our categories! So who’s won! Let’s […]

Welcome to the results of the 2017 SLTD Awards! Thank you to everyone who took part in the voting to crown the winners for our categories! So who’s won! Let’s have a look!


With a huge 73% of the vote, AJ Styles was voted Superstar of the Year for the second year running! This year has seen Styles become WWE Champion for the second time after his reign as the United States Champion. Styles has been involved in some great rivalries which have seen the WWE universe being treated to some fantastic matches! After two fantastic years from Styles could 2018 be another phenomenal one for him?

With 59% of the vote, Alexa Bliss has beaten last years winner to the top spot! Alexa Bliss started the year as the Smackdown Women’s Champion and is finishing the year as the RAW Women’s Champion. She has had some great matches this year and had rivalries with the majority of the WWE Women’s division. Alexa has cemented herself as one of the top women in WWE this year and we can only see this continuing into 2018!

With 43% of the vote, Aleister Black has topped this list of the NXT division! Although he a fairly new superstar to NXT, there is no denying that he has made his mark on the yellow brand. With is clear look and attitude, Black is coming off a heated rivalry with the eccentric Velveteen Dream and has to be a shoe-in for his first NXT Championship in the near future.

With 76% of the vote, Asuka has been voted NXT Female Superstar of the year for the second year running. After her amazing title run within NXT was there ever any doubt that she would top this list. Asuka has continued her undefeated streak not only within NXT but within WWE. She has beaten every female star on the NXT roster and had to step down as NXT Women’s Champion to make the step up to the main roster! She is still undefeated on RAW so could this mean 2018 will see her becoming the RAW Women’s Champion and picking up where she left off in NXT?

With 47% of the vote, the Usos have been last years winners New Day to become this year’s Tag Team of the Year. After losing the paint and embracing a new side the Usos have been a breath of fresh air for a tag team division that was getting a little stale on Smackdown Live. They have been involved in some fantastic matches and rivalries and after being given some mic time have proven themselves to be the whole package! Let’s hope we continue to see this in 2018!

With 39% of the vote, SAnitY has been voted NXT Tag Team of the Year. With the leader of the faction being the 20-year ring veteran Eric Young, the twister Alexander Wolfe, the powerhouse Killian Dane and the mental Nikki Cross there is no denying that this team have run rough shot over all of 2017. They are former Tag Team Champions, but there is no doubt that can climb back to the top of the tag team mountain.

With 73% of the vote, Neville has been voted the Cruiserweight of the Year. Although Neville has had a controversial ending to 2017, and his WWE status is still unknown Neville has undoubtedly put not only the Cruiserweight Championship but 205Live and the whole cruiserweight division on the map. Its safe to say Neville has proved he is more than ‘just a cruiserweight’

With 85% of the vote, Braun Strowman has been voted break out star of 2017 and we can see why. Braun has gone from being Bray Wyatt’s muscle who wasn’t really that good in the ring to an unstoppable force who has been involved in some fantastic matches and rivalries this year. Braun’s year has ended on a lightly low note with him being back to beating up mid-card wrestlers however if this year is anything to go by we can expect some more high standard matches and unbelievable moments in 2018!

With 48% of the vote, Finn Balor has been voted the most underused star in WWE. The start of 2017 looked like it was going to be a good one for Balor after becoming the first Universal Champion however after he returned from injury there doesn’t seem to be much happening for him. From being in mid-card matches to random rivalries nothing seemed to work for him to push him back to the top of the ladder. With Lesnar now champ and a solid roster on RAW, this is something that looks like it may continue for Balor, however, being a fan favourite and unbelievably talented let hope we see him break out of this and have a better 2018.

With 33% of the vote, Elias has been voted the One to Watch in 2018. Although Elias had a rocky start to 2017 and didn’t really have a place on the Raw roster he has since become one of the maid mid-card stars that is used to antagonise whatever city’s crowd Raw is in that week with his original song, usually about how much that city sucks. I can see Elias easily winning his first singles championship in 2018, and wouldn’t be surprised if he was floating around the main event picture leading into 2019.

With 51% of the vote, Kenny Omega has been voted the Worldwide Superstar of the Year. It is not shocking that leader of the most successful faction outside of WWE ‘The Bullet Club’ would top the Worldwide Superstar vote. The Cleaner has had an outstanding year in NJPW, being the reigning and first ever IWGP US Champion. Omega is set to continue his success from 2017 when he kicks off 2018 at Wrestle Kingdom facing Chris Jericho.


With 47% of the votes, AJ Styles vs John Cena for the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble was voted the Match of the Year. This is the second year in a row that Style vs Cena has been named Match of the Year. The rivalry that no one thought would ever happen has proved to be the most exciting set of matches that WWE has shown all year. With AJ Styles also being named Superstar of the Year, it’s no shock that his match against the face of the company would top the Match of the Year votes too. but can Styles vs Cena make it third time lucky in 2018?

With 52% of the vote, Tyler Bate vs Pete Dunne for the United Kingdom Championship at NXT Takeover – Chicago has been voted the NXT Match of the Year. This shows just how good these two hungry young Britsh stars are that they are not even signed to NXT contracts and are still outshining the yellow brand’s roster. These two stars will undoubtedly be the faces of the UK Division in 2018 and beyond.

With 49% of the vote, Kazuchika Okada vs Kenny Omega for IWGP Heavyweight Championship at Wrestle Kingdom 11 was voted the Worldwide Match of the Year. With Omega winning the Worldwide Superstar of the Year, it’s not shocking that his match at the biggest night in the NJPW calender would be voted the best match. Omega and Okada tore the house down in this match after Omega ‘cashed-in’ his G1 Climax briefcase.


With 47% of the vote, the Hardy Boyz returning at WrestleMania 33 has been voted the most shocking moment of 2017! After their fantastic run in TNA with Total Deletion and beginning their quest for gold not many expected their music to hit for the RAW Tag Team Championship Ladder match and even fewer would have guessed that they would have gone on to become the champs! Every single fan in attendance and watching at home marked out at both these moments as they got to see the Hardy Boyz returning home!

With 39% of the vote, RAW has surprisingly been voted this years brand of the year! After the fantastic start, Smackdown Live had in 2016, 2017 saw it losing momentum but not many people thought RAW would have picked this up and become the better brand. RAW has had some fantastic PPV’s this year and had some of the best matches that we have seen! Can they keep this up for 2018 or will Smackdown Live come back fighting?

With 37% of the vote, WrestleMania 33 was voted the PPV of year. Being the grandest stage of them all was there any doubt that this would have come out on top. From the Hardy’s returning to the cumulation of Lesnar and Goldberg to possibly seeing The Undertaker retire it truly was a PPV to remember


With 52% of the vote, WWE has been voted the Promotion of the Year. Although some promotions may put on better matches throughout the year, there is no denying the WWE is a multi-media machine that has no plans of ever slowing down. The success of WWE Network is unmatched by its competition, which you could argue is all streaming networks, not only wrestling related ones.


Thanks to everyone who voted, let us know your thoughts below on the winners and losers of 2017.