SLTD Discussion – Kurt Angle Secret – Most Outrageous Theories

The SLTD Team have gotten together once again to discuss what could be Kurt Angle’s Secret. We are going to do something a little different and these are the most […]

The SLTD Team have gotten together once again to discuss what could be Kurt Angle’s Secret. We are going to do something a little different and these are the most wild, wacky and outrageous theories on what the reveal could be.

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@kieranthekiz (UKayfabe)
Here is my wild theory on ‘Kurt Angle’s secret’, and try to suspend reality for just a moment. Back in 2000, Kurt and Stephanie had a little bit of sexual tension, with the two even kissing (initiated by Kurt), which set up a feud between the Olympic Gold Medalist and Stephanie’s husband Triple H. What if Stephanie had a secret baby that she gave up, and Kurt Angle was the father? Fast forward to present day and that baby is now a grown up 17 years old girl..called Bayley!

You want to know why Bayley has child like traits? Because she’s not the age she submitted to the WWE offices, she’s in fact 17 years old. She’s younger than her years. Poor Bayley has kept this a secret from the entire world for years, and not she has confided in Stephanie, who has finally told Kurt the truth.

Remember back in 2001 when Kurt Angle had the tendency to HUG Mr McMahon all the time? Who else do we know that is quite fond of hugging in WWE? Bayley.

Kurt and Stephanie’s shocking secret will be revealed on Monday, and Bayley will get a chance to stand in the ring with her real parents for the first time ever.

@ALFarrand (Facebook Manager)
A safe bet would be for Stephanie McMahon to be revealed as Kurt’s lover as it simply sets the stage for Angle Vs. Triple H at Summerslam. Does it make sense? No. But does everything in the WWE make sense? Personally, I’m hoping for something a bit more left field, I’ve seen theories relating to lovers, children and Dixie Carter but my bet is that it involves Kurt having an illegitimate child many years ago and that child turns out to be the wife of current Raw commentator, Corey Graves (hence his involvement in this storyline). Corey’s wife won’t be anyone currently on the roster and may not even appear on programming after next Monday’s Raw where she’ll appear in the ring with her Dad, Kurt Angle, as he gets all of this business off his chest.

In an emotionally fuelled speech, Kurt looks to reveal who has been sending him the texts only to be interrupted by Stephanie McMahon. They go back and forth with Steph trying to convince Kurt that its not important that the audience know who was behind the texts only for Kurt to stand by one of his three I’s, show his integrity and reveal that the Billion Dollar Princess has been blackmailing Kurt, threatening his job unless he ‘sorts this mess out’ With things getting heated, Triple H enters the fray and attacks Angle eventually leading to their one on one encounter at Summerslam.

@mrnebarry (Old Skool View)
Kurt is revealed as Vinces Bastard Son and Vince wants to set his extra kid off against his other offspring..Steph picks trips to wrestle so we get Kurt vs Trips vs Shane at Summerslam to be deemed the best child.

@callumown98 (The Wrestling Brain)
Well here we go then, what is Kurt Angle’s big secret going to be? It’s going to be odd and whatever it is, I probably won’t be a fan of it, unless it’s what I think it’ll be. Dixie Carter and Kurt Angle are looking to takeover WWE, as revenge for WWE crushing Dixie’s and Kurt’s dreams to make TNA successful. It could’ve planned that Kurt would wait a while making friends with everyone backstage with his long-awaited return.

Until bam, he appoints Dixie Carter as the commissioner of Raw, so two former TNA talent are in charge of WWE’s flagship show, they bring in Bobby Roode, Eric Young and the final piece of the puzzle the shocking return of Austin Aries. Then at Survivor Series it can be Team TNA of Angle, Joe, Roode, Young and Aries vs Team WWE comprised of John Cena, Randy Orton, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, it’ll be the modern day Invasion.

@TheKantastic (Kantastic Wrestletalk Korner)
The most obvious guess would be Kurt and Stephanie are having an affair and HHH is the mystery texter who found out. This leads to Kurt leaving his role as RAW GM, setting up feud with Hunter. The other twist is indeed Corey Graves is his son born out of wedlock. Graves was born in 1984, which would make Kurt about 17 or 18 so it is still plausible. The mother might not be anyone known or might not be revealed at all.

@TomRobinson5199 (Armbar Analysis)
Kurt Angle’s secret is that he told Kevin Nash to text Kevin Nash to stick to winner for him in the main event.

@TownNation (The Fox Files)
Okay, so Kurt Angle needs to go public with an announcement tomorrow on RAW. Now even though I would LOVE it to be that Kurt Angle has a illegitimate son, Something is telling me, that it’s going to be a relationship type-thing between either Stephanie McMahon, or Dixie Carter, so let’s break those down:

If Kurt Angle goes ahead and makes the announcement that he has been having an affair with Stephanie McMahon, then we are back to the love triangle storyline we had between Stephanie, Triple H and Kurt Angle in the early 2000’s. Out of Stephanie & Dixie, I would prefer it to be Stephanie for a couple of reasons: Firstly, they could play into the fact that Stephanie talked Vince around for Kurt to be general manager of RAW, and secondly, this would of course, lead to something that NONE of us thought would happen, in Kurt Angle returning to the ring and versing Triple H to end it once and for all. And my god, what a moment & even match that would be

The other person that’s possible for Kurt Angle to have an affair with, is Dixie Carter. She recently appeared on Angles WWE 24: Homecoming episode where she talked about what it was like to work with Kurt Angle in TNA, and what he is like backstage. Now that Dixie isn’t associated with TNA, this could lead to Dixie Carter coming on WWE Television in some sort of role.

Some details aren’t very clear, because no one is certain in what the announcement is going to be. The announcement is why most people will be tuning in this Monday.

@ColinHerbertSLTD (The Curtain Jerker)
My Kurt Angle conspiracy theory is that it was caught by a fan that Kurt Angle and Bayley were secretly having an affair.  Reasons as to why I think this is a possibility is that ever since Angle took the General Manager role of RAW he has given Bayley a lot of opportunities to keep or win the RAW Women’s title, especially when she was facing Alexa Bliss at Extreme Rules in a kendo stick on a pole match.  He was stacking the deck against Alexa in Bayley’s favor.  And Graves’ role in all this, is that his sources sent him photos and info on the 2 and with Graves being from Pittsburgh, like Angle, wanted to look out for his hero.

@BigMatchSully (Monster Match Sully)
Someone grab the Fashion Police! There’s an investigation afoot! So, the big talking point after RAW (other than Samoa Joe being an absolute savage) is, who was Kurt Angle on the phone to?
My personal theory is that it’s Dixie Carter. Not only did WWE make a pretty big deal of her appearing on the Kurt Angle 24 (the gall of it!) But next week’s RAW is in her home city of Nashville! I think she’s going to play a role in setting up an Angle-Triple H feud for one of the Big Four. She’ll potentially play a ‘Co-GM’ role appointed by Kurt himself. Stephanie will return and cause a ruckus (probably revealing an affair if Kurt’s phone call means anything). Therefore, leading to the only way a problem can be solved in the WWE, a slobberknocker match between the two of the manliest men in the world.
As Bobby Roode would say, it’s going to be GLORIOUS.


There are our wild and wacky thoughts but what are yours?