SLTD Fantasy League 2017 – Season Four

Now you have joined make sure to tweet/facebook/text a friend because its fun to beat strangers but its even more fun to beat your friends!

Welcome to the returning SLTD Fantasy League – Season Four!

So how does this work? Easy… pick a faction of six WWE Superstars, each superstar earns you points and whoever has the most points at the end wins the league.

Season Four of the Fantasy League will start July 2017 and will run for five months.

The Rules (Please Read)

  • Choose a Faction Name (Be Creative. Don’t use former or current factions in wrestling e.g. Evolution, New Day etc)
  • Pick 6 WWE Superstars (1 Champion, 1 Superstar, 1 Female Superstar, 1 Tag Team, 1 NXT Superstar and 1 Cruiserweight Superstar)
  • All Faction Members must be current active WWE Superstars (not injured or suspended)
  • Your Champion must be a current Champion in WWE/NXT
  • The Five other members of your faction (not including your Champion) can NOT be current WWE/NXT Champions.
  • Faction members can only be changed during the ‘Transfer Window’ once a month.
  • The Transfer Window will be open for 4  days after each RAW PPV (from the Thursday after a PPV until the following Sunday) Your new team will then be active the day after the Transfer Window closes.
  • You will not be able to change your team when the Transfer Window is closed.
  • If one of your Faction members are injured, you will not be able to change them until the Transfer Window is next open.
  • If one or more of your none Champion members becomes a Champion, you will need to trade them out of your Faction on the next Transfer Window so you only have 1 Champion in your team. You will not receive extra ‘champion’ points for the rest of the month for these superstars.
  • Each month you will receive and email to enter your Faction changes.
  • Even if you are making no changes, we still need to receive an entry from you so we know you are still active in the league
  • Points will only be earned from televised Raw, Smackdown, NXT, 205 Live, PPV Events and WWE Network specials.
  • All questions and queries can sent to @SLTDLeague on Twitter.


Win 4
Lose 0
Draw 1
PPV Match 2
PPV Win 2
Championship Match 4
Championship Win 4
Tag Team Singles Win 2
Elimination Match (Survivors) 2


  • These points will accumulate so if you have a Championship Win on a PPV you will receive 14 points.
  • Bonus Points will be given for stipulation style matches for PPV’s or WWE network specials (not Raw and Smackdown) as and when they happen. Any updates will be tweeted and emailed out.
  • The “Your Information” part below will need to remain the same throughout the Season to ensure that points are counted correctly after each transfer window.

Choosing Your Faction

Your Information: To remain the same throughout the season

Now you have joined make sure to tweet/facebook/text a friend because its fun to beat strangers but its even more fun to beat your friends!