SLTD Predicts – John Cena Vs Baron Corbin

Once again Team SLTD have gotten together to give our thoughts on who we think will come out victorious at Summer Slam in the John Cena vs Baron Corbin. Will […]

Once again Team SLTD have gotten together to give our thoughts on who we think will come out victorious at Summer Slam in the John Cena vs Baron Corbin. Will ‘Super Cena’ walk out with the win, or will the former ‘Mr Money in the Bank’ redeem himself after his failed cash-in on Smackdown?

We all give our thoughts below, let us know in the comments below who you think will win?

@callumowen98 (Facebook Manager)
On last week’s Smackdown Baron Corbin failed to cash in his MITB contract making him to look like an idiot in the process. Personally I think Corbin should win so he bounces straight back from last week’s disappointment but if it’s true that he’s facing some sort of backstage heat then I think Cena will win. Unfortunately for Corbin I see his string of bad luck continue as I think Cena will win, before he moves over to Raw to feud with his former UPW partner Samoa Joe

@TownNation (The Fox Files)
Now, this has only been built up over 3 weeks, so I really don’t want to call it a feud in a way. But, what they have done to make this match happen is smart. Cena costing Corbin during the cash-in, meaning he was unsuccessful which came as a HUGE shock to us all, but I found it brilliant. Corbin attacking Cena the week before, the build has been rushed.
With the failed cash-in on Tuesday, I know Corbin will come out all-guns blazing and want retribution on Cena, so we may see a squash match…

However, Cena hasn’t had a PPV win since Wrestlemania, and he really needs one. Putting talent over is all well and good, and I give him the world of respect to him for doing that, but after a while you just think “Damn, he now needs a win” and this would be the perfect occasion to make that happen.

However, I do think WWE will go with the first option, so I have to say Corbin for the victory.

@Chica_SLTD (Wrestle Chica)
Before Tuesday I wasn’t looking forward to this match and I am a HUGE Cena fan however after his failed cash in I think this match is going to bring something different to the night. When Corbin was still Mr Money in the Bank it was like this match was put together just so he had a match at SummerSlam as the man with the briefcase should have one shouldn’t they? There was no build up and no hype to it and it would probably have been a filler match. Fast forward to Tuesday and now Cena can be seen as the reason as to why Corbin has no briefcase and no Championship! Which makes for a very angry Corbin and a match that is more than likely going to see a disqualification!
Like I said before I am a huge Cena fan so it may come as no shock that I’m saying Cena will win but I think that this will only be the case because Corbin will be disqualified. I think we will see him take out some major frustrations on Cena leaving him in the middle of the ring and Corbin walking away looking for some more payback and possibly even getting involved in the WWE Championship match to help Nakamura win!

@Tybo_SLTD (Tybo Talks)
I can’t help but feel bad for Corbin, if the rumors are true his cash-in failed because of backstage heat. This is a real shame, as the stigma of a failed cash-in is hard to shake off. This match could of been interesting, but now it has no real incentive for either guy to win. Corbin could use the, but at the same time it will only be a pity victory. As for Cena, he deserves a much bigger feud with far more depth than this with Corbin. I really hope they do something good that gets people talking, but I just cant see it.

There are our thoughts on Cena vs Corbin match, what are yours?