SLTD Predicts – Mahal vs Orton – Punjabi Prison Match

Once again Team SLTD have gotten together to give our thoughts on who we think will come out victorious at Battleground tonight in the Punjabi Prison Match. Will it be […]

Once again Team SLTD have gotten together to give our thoughts on who we think will come out victorious at Battleground tonight in the Punjabi Prison Match. Will it be the WWE Champion Jinder Mahal or will Randy Orton become the new champion?

We all give our thoughts below, let us know in the comments below who you think will win!

@ColinHebert614 (The Curtain Jerker)
The WWE has built up Mahal as this unstoppable force and it won’t stop now as Jinder Mahal will beat Randy Orton for a 3rd time.  I cannot believe that I’m typing these words.  The 1st 2 times, he needed the Singh brothers, but this time, Mahal will do it cleanly to give his championship reign some much needed credibility.

@callumowen98 (Facebook Manager)
This Sunday at Battleground, in the 3rd ever Punjabi Prison match, the WWE Champion Jinder Mahal (still can’t believe I’m writing that) defends his title against Randy Orton, now on paper it would make sense for Mahal to defeat Orton as it’s in his own choice of match, however this WWE and a lot of things in 2017 haven’t made sense. Therefore I think Randy Orton will beat Jinder Mahal and once all of his celebrations are done and the “evil foreigner” Mahal has slithered back into jobber status, Baron Corbin will attack Randy Orton and cash in his Money In the Bank contract (not briefcase as WWE have banned that word) and become the new WWE Champion.

@DitsOnWrestling (Twitter Manager)
With a 10 year absence, the Punjabi Prison match is returning to WWE. Although neither of the previous two exactly lit the world of wrestling on fire, there is a hope that this one will produce the goods. Mahal probably shouldn’t be in the position he is right now but he’s certainly making the most of it and has impressed me since being thrust into the spotlight. With a roster that boasts Styles, Nakamura, Cena, Owens and Zayn, Orton should not be our next WWE Champion. Instead, Mahal should and will retain, setting up a match at SummerSlam against one of the guys listed above. This should be the end of this feud so hopefully it’ll be a banger!

@mrnebarry (Old Skool View)
I am hopeful this Punjabi Prison will be the end of this feud. Whilst I appreciate the efforts Jinder has made, Orton has seemingly just coasted through. I find it interesting that the heel champion negated his outside aliances by chosing such a match but I do still expect him to come out on top at the end of the evening as a title change won’t make sense at the moment.

@BigMatchSully (Monster Match Sully )
Mahal v. Orton is a difficult one to call. On the one hand, it’s obvious that WWE is fully Mahal for two valid reasons. Triple H and Vince are openly impressed by his turn around in career and the fact they’re tapping into the huge Indian market. Not only that but Orton himself has made it clear he wants to get Jinder Over.

This would seem to indicate that Mahal would win at Battleground. But if the brief history of the Punjabi Prison match is to tell us anything, it is that the faces generally go over. Furthermore, there is no clear challenger for the WWE title at Summerslam is Jinder were to win. Most of the other faces are busy in feuds and Cena/AJ has been teased heavily both on TV and dirt sheets. This may suggest that Randy would win the title in the Punjabi Prison and go on to feud with Kevin Owens or even Rusev.

On the other hand, Randy hasn’t been booked awfully strong as of late. Sure he has the legacy pop, so no matter how many losses he eats he’ll always be over. But having Randy suddenly win the title is just… boring. A heel Randy Orton is always better than a face Randy, but Smackdown’s over faces are busy so he will have to work face at Summerslam. Furthermore, if he were to win the title he would probably be a transitional champion which seems below Randy at this point.

So, in conclusion, I’m going to have to go with my gut instinct which is that Jinder Mahal is going to go over, solidifying his place as WWE Champion, which will eventually lead to him dropping the title at Summerslam.