SLTD Predicts – Mens Royal Rumble Match

Once again Team SLTD have gotten together to give our thoughts on who we think will come out victorious at the Royal Rumble this Sunday and win their place in […]

Once again Team SLTD have gotten together to give our thoughts on who we think will come out victorious at the Royal Rumble this Sunday and win their place in a championship match at WrestleMania!

We all give our thoughts below, let us know in the comments below who you think will win!

@DitsOnWrestling (Twitter Manager)
Nakamura wouldn’t be my first choice as winner. I like him but he hasn’t settled in on the main roster yet for me. But if you want something that is going to blow fan’s minds at WrestleMania then look no further than Shinsuke Nakamura Vs. AJ Styles for the WWE Championship. I’m hoping that WWE is smart to this and pull the trigger. It might even ignite a fire in Nakamura that the casual fanbase hasn’t seen yet. I’d much rather see somebody else win but if we’re keeping one eye on the ‘Mania match, Shinsuke is the correct choice.

@TittyFroster (It’s Wrestling
For the men’s Rumble match, I again only have two picks. Shinsuke and Randy Orton. Shinsuke has the talent and the ability to win this. Plus, he hasn’t had a single title since he left NXT, so he’s due a title run. Randy, on the other hand, has the RKO. Which will greatly help him in this match. If and only if he’s eliminated, I believe it will be Shinsuke who does it. If Shinsuke does get eliminated, then it be the set up for a rivalry between the two. I agree with what fans are saying online about the WWE title match at Wrestlemania being Shinsuke vs AJ. That would be one hell of a match. I’m sure we’re going to see some familiar face as surprise entrants for the match. Mainly as filler or a bit of comedic relief. But how insane would it be if one of them won and came back for one last run? Someone like Taker, X-Pac, or even Scott Hall. I would love for any of them to have one last run.

@callumowen98 (Facebook Manager)
I think this year’s Men’s Rumble match is wide-open, there’s probably around 5 names who could realistically win it and but there’s one Show-off. My pick is that Dolph Ziggler will return at No30 and eliminate perhaps Balor and Nakamura and go on to face AJ Styles at Wrestlemania. My other pick is Balor, as I’m sure everyone would love to see a rematch between Balor and Styles.

@maruwe22 (What Would Matt Do?)

With so few wrestlers not declared for the Rumble so far, I’m liking how it could pan out. You’ve got the obvious names in the match who would win it (Cena, Orton, Balor), the wrestlers who are there for being “credible threats” on the night (Wyatt, Hardy, Nakamura, Rusev) and those who are there to make up the numbers. It’s nice this way that you are expecting the unexpected. I’ve also not paid any attention to any pre-match favourites and am going to be watching this as if it were the real deal and not “sports entertainment”. I’m hoping that WWE wants to avoid any backlash from the crowds, as has happened in previous years, so they go for a smart choice of Rumble winner. And for me, that winner is none other than Finn Balor.

@Chica_SLTD (Wrestle Chica)

This match for me is really hard to call as I don’t think anyone in particular has really stood out in the lead up to tonight. Picking a final four is really difficult but after RAW and Smackdown this week I think the final two may be Orton and Balor. After RAW 25 everyone has been talking about DX and Balor and Orton has been one of the only few to actually make a statement before tonight. For me, a Royal Rumble should be used to give a complete underdog a championship opportunity, someone who you just wouldn’t expect at all and I would love to see Tye Dillinger do this. I think he deserves so much more than he’s been getting since his call-up to the main roster, however, I think we may be seeing Orton win another Rumble tonight!