SLTD Predicts – Universal Championship Match – Brock Lesnar vs Braun Strowman vs Kane

Once again Team SLTD have gotten together to give our thoughts on who we think will come out victorious at the Royal Rumble this Sunday. Will it be the Universal […]

Once again Team SLTD have gotten together to give our thoughts on who we think will come out victorious at the Royal Rumble this Sunday. Will it be the Universal Champion Brock Lesnar or will Braun Strowman or Kan become the new Universal Champion?

We all give our thoughts below, let us know in the comments below who you think will win!

@DitsOnWrestling (Twitter Manager)
BRAAAAAAUUUUNNNNNNN! I freakin’ love the guy. But will he win? No. We are having Brock Vs. Roman at WrestleMania whether we like it or not. It would be a nice swerve though wouldn’t it. Kane doesn’t have a chance in hell (pun very much intended) and is in this match to eat the pin. He shouldn’t be anywhere near this title in 2018 but if he’s there to get other guys over then I’m fine with it. Brock wins, barely, to set up the Roman match at WrestleMania. Standby those boos for the third year in a row!

@maruwe22 (What Would Matt Do?)
Three massive monsters in the ring at one time, what could possibly go wrong? I want two of three men to win the belt – the one I’d be happy to see not win is Lesnar. Not having the champion defend the title regularly is hurting Raw. With the unpredictability of titles at the moment and them switching happily on TV, having the main belt defended regularly on Raw would be immesne. However, due to Lesnar’s contract with WWE, that doesn’t happen. The belt needs to go to either Strowman or Kane for sure. I would love to see Kane get one more run with the title. He has had such an amazing history with WWE and is nearing the end of his career. Give the Big Red Machine one last run and let him bow out at WrestleMania. On the other hand, we have Strowman. The man who has most of Raw built around him any given night. If WWE were smart, they would give us (a face) Strowman vs (a heel) Reigns at WrestleMania. To do this, Strowman needs the belt or win the Royal Rumble. I’m torn between my head and my heart on this one, so I’m going for who I think would do the most with the title and I predict the winner of the match and NEW WWE Universal Champion : Braun Strowman.

@callumowen98 (Facebook Manager)
Everyone who reads these predictions articles know that I’m not a Brock Lesnar guy, so this Sunday, I’ll be watching this match with not much interest, as this match is only going one way and it’s the most predictable match on the card. Brock Lesnar wins and will face Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania.

@TittyFroster (It’s Wrestling)
My thoughts on the Universal Title match. We’ve all seen what Braun can do. He’s destructive, and scary powerful. Brock has been know to just annihilate opponents in ppv matches. We haven’t seen Kane in a major title picture for years. With that said, I think either Kane or Braun will pick up the win. I have a strong feeling that it will be Braun. He’s so over right now, putting the title on him would be amazing for his career. If Kane wins, then it would be a short run as he’s still running for Mayor. So he’d most likely drop the title at Wrestlemania. It would do nothing for Brock to retain. There’s so much potential here for Braun. I think we’ll see Braun take out Kane early in the match leading to Brock and Braun one on one for a while. If WWE does this match correctly, it could be one of the best matches of the night.

@runner_rope (The Rope Runner)
My prediction for the Universal championship match is that Brock Lesnar will retain. Braun Strowman will have a good showing but I don’t they will take the belt off Lesnar before Mania. Also, Lesnar will pin Kane to protect Strowman.

@Chica_SLTD (Wrestle Chica)
Now am not a big fan of Brock Lesnar as I don’t understand why you would give a part timer a championship as to me it just takes everything away from the championship as you never see your champ and rivalries can never really be built. That being said Lesnar has to win this match as I don’t really see Kane or Strowman as the top guys. The fact that Kane is in this match is bizarre, he’s not been around much then turns up attacks Strowman and is now in a title run. Strowman is working his ass off recently and he does deserve to be in this match but in all honesty, I think he should be a mid card champ first before getting the main championship and let’s be honest they aren’t taking this championship off Lesnar until at least WrestleMania he draws too many people in.