SLTD Predicts – Women’s Royal Rumble Match

Once again Team SLTD have gotten together to give our thoughts on who we think will come out victorious at the Royal Rumble this Sunday and win the first ever […]

Once again Team SLTD have gotten together to give our thoughts on who we think will come out victorious at the Royal Rumble this Sunday and win the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble match to get a championship match at WrestleMania

We all give our thoughts below, let us know in the comments below who you think will win!

@DitsOnWrestling (Twitter Manager)
Stephanie McMahon almost ruined this Rumble match for me. The whole “me me me” and “look at what we’re doing, we’re awesome” attitude doesn’t sit well with me. It’s great that the women are making history and finally getting the opportunity to share the Rumble spot with the guys. However, I’d rather this not be rammed down my throat. Acknowledge it and advertise it as such but then let the women crack on and showcase their division. I will try and sit back and enjoy this match but now Steph is hogging that spotlight once more on commentary where she is sure to big the company and herself up, it’ll be a struggle. Thank the wrestling gods for the power of MUTE!

@maruwe22 (What Would Matt Do?)
I’m really happy and intrested in the Women’s Royal Rumble match. Long gone are the days of the Divas Era, where they were given 5 minutes on a 3 hours PPV with no fan interest in it. We are now in a situation where Women’s wrestling in WWE is where it should be. Looking at the roster, there are women who are in with a shout (Lynch, Banks, Natalya, Jax), some who are there to make up the numbers (Brooke, Naomi, Lana, Tamina) and then my personal choice for the final two : Bayley and Asuka. No disrespect to the SmackDown participants, but this is the final two for me. As for the winner, it has to be Asuka. It can then lead up to her WrestleMania debut which will go down in the pages of history as when (possibly) the women of WWE steal the show.

@callumowen98 (Facebook Manager)
I’m really intrigued to see how this match plays out, how long the match will go on for, what the intervals will be between entrants and how well will the over-the-top rope aspect of this match go. Personally, I hope all 30 women absolutely kill it this Sunday and exceed people’s expectations. I’m slightly worried with her on commentary that Stephanie could win, and I think that’ll be a bad mistake, but here’s my idea. How about Stephanie waits for her perfect moment, say she’s number 29 in the Rumble, she waits until Asuka has been eliminated by Absolution and Riott Squad, and then waits until all the members of the two teams have been both eliminated, she then walks into the ring and she’s alone, then as the countdown to number 30 ends and the debuting Ronda Rousey walks down to the ring, she eliminates Stephanie with ease and wins the Rumble and faces Charlotte at Wrestlemania.

@TittyFroster (It’s Wrestling)
This year we have the very first Women’s Royal Rumble match. This is huge for women in all aspects if wrestling, not just the WWE. This should help people take women wrestlers more serious. That is, if WWE doesn’t drop the ball. I have only two picks for the women’s rumble. Asuka and Nia Jax. I’ve seen a lot of people say that Ronda Rousey will win, but that doesn’t make sense to me. A simple appearance however, does. It’s like we have this UFC fighter winning a royal rumble, but what would the payoff be? Some would sag the title match at Mania. To me it’s just a bit odd. If Asuka is some how eliminated, then I could still see her going to Mainia for the title match. We all know what happens to bigger opponents in a rumble, they come in, get ganged up on, and then eliminated. But what if Nia is different and doesn’t? We’ll just all have to hope that WWE nails this one.

@Chica_SLTD (Wrestle Chica)
It’s a little upsetting that I can only see one woman winning this and that’s going to be Asuka and I couldn’t hate this idea anymore if I tried! Asuka is an amazing wrestler and the work she was doing in NXT was a higher standard than anyone else there however having someone unbeaten for this long just doesn’t work! As soon as she won the Women’s NXT Championship for me it all got a little boring and you knew regardless of who she was fighting she was going to retain and to have her carry on with this record on the main roster I didn’t quite understand. With her not being in the championship picture it’s been good to see as she has just been doing the whole dominating the local competitors thing that Nia Jax done while we could still have some really good rivalries for the championship. There are things that can happen in a Rumble that can see her go over the top rope without this being seen as a “loss” however I just don’t see that happening. As much as am not looking forward to seeing this I am looking forward to seeing the actual match as I think we are going to see exactly what we want from a Royal Rumble and that is surprise entrants! With returns possible, The Bella Twins, old school shocks, Trish Stratus maybe and even some new signing, Ronda Rousey am looking at you! I think the actual match could out shine the men’s but the ending will definitely ruin this if it’s Asuka that’s standing tall at the end of it all!