WWMD : The Return (or what has happened to WWE?!?)

So, I’ve taken some time out from writing (and WWE) for a couple of months, and I come back to foray to watch, write and read (gotta do research too!). […]

So, I’ve taken some time out from writing (and WWE) for a couple of months, and I come back to foray to watch, write and read (gotta do research too!). But I look at the state of the WWE and I wonder what is going on. There is so much which, after binge watching Raw, SmackDown! and PPVs, I’m not understanding. There is always hope, too. There are story lines we need. Wrestlers we need to return. Hopes on the horizon. So lets have a look at four things that we need to happen.

We need : Roman Reigns to stop being forced down our throats as a good guy

Looking at the WWE roster, there are only a handful of wrestlers which have been “made” recently. Number one on that list is Braun Strowman. Here we have someone who has been built, piece by piece. Someone who has been pushed slowly, and now is catching fire. Compare that to Roman Reigns. Yes, built in WWE but forced upon us. If he was portaying a heel, it would make sense. He doesn’t get the cheers, he doesn’t get the reaction as a face. The biggest reaction he’s ever got was the night after WrestleMania and acted as a heel.

We need : The WWE Championship to be defended again, regularly

Brock Lesnar defending the title is hurting Raw, hurting ratings and hurting PPVs. Having Raw brand PPVs not month in and month out helps, but not much. People turn into shows to see the big belt being defended. People want to see it on the line. The current belt has been around for approx. 13 months. In that time the holders have been Balor, Owens, Goldberg and Lesnar. During that time,  part time wrestlers have held it longer than active wrestlers. This can’t go on and needs to stop. The million dollar question therefore is who to put it on? I can think of at least 5 answers.

We need : Credible tag teams / factions to spice things up

Look at the talent in WWE, and how it is misused. The Wyatt Family – a feared stable, now in ruins. The Club – an amazing faction we want, but are deprived of. However you look at it or feel, tag teams and factions spice up shows. It gives people a long term interest. People get behind them, if they are faces or heels. They lead onto bigger matches, therefore they make bigger stars – everyone is a winner. Look at Evolution, D-Generation X, Legacy, Nation of Domination. They all made good wrestlers, great. So much talent is “needing a story line from creative”. Let them converse, let them join together, let us see them unite. Allow the talent to show its talent and captivate the crowd.

We need : Paige to return to WWE on SmackDown

This seems a rather odd one to make it on the list. Identifying a single person to return is a big ask, but it makes sense. Look at the roster on SmackDown and look at Paige. She’s been out injured and can make a big impact. She can put over talent, she could run the Division. Yes, people will say she has her demons, but we all do. What you do with those demons and how you manage them shows how you will stand the test of time.