ICW’s Shug’s Hoose Party 4 Shakes Things Up For ICW

Insane Championship Wrestling held Shug’s Hoose Party 4 over 2 nights, making it the first time that the event was held as a weekender. Like most ICW shows, they were […]

Insane Championship Wrestling held Shug’s Hoose Party 4 over 2 nights, making it the first time that the event was held as a weekender. Like most ICW shows, they were chaotic and featured some hard-hitting action. In this week’s column, I go into the top 5 storylines from this weekend’s events:

1. Bram returns to ICW

Usually a mid-card to lower main event guy returning to a promotion is not a big deal at all, but Bram made some big noise coming back during the 2 days. First, it was announced that Grado wouldn’t take part in the main event tag match between himself and “The Iron King” ICW World Champion Joe Coffey against Sha Samuels and the returning WWE superstar “The Scottish Supernova” Noam Dar. And then it was announced that he was the newest member of Red Lighting’s Rudo Sports Entertainment. He also was instrumental in Joe Coffey’s Night 2 ICW World title victory over Jack Jester allowing Coffey to escape the cage to retain the title.  He also pulled off a heinous act in attacking Ravie Davie and Martina before their “Scheme Wedding” and roughing up Davie pretty good.  Davie ended up winning their match, but this means that Martina is still single!  Rejoice fellas!

2. Grado no longer part of ICW

While Rudo Sports Entertainment gained a member in Bram, it lost one over the weekend in Grado.  Grado has been a part of ICW pretty much since their inception and, love his act or hate it, has been a franchise player for the company.  His antics has led him into Global Force Wrestling and his loss to former best friend Sha Samuels at Shug’s Hoose Party Night pretty much confirmed that he is 100% going to continue his career with Global Force, and what Global Force hopes to do in the U.K., World of Sport Wrestling.  And no ICW fans, Grado won’t be bringing back Odarg The Great to Glasgow.

3. Major stars being brought in for Fear & Loathing X

While ICW’s major card at the Hydro, Fear & Loathing X, isn’t until November 19th, we learned at Shug’s Hoose Party that it will be quite the international flare.  We already learned that Kevin Nash will be Commissioner of ICW for one night only, but that 2 former WWE World Champions will be joining him in Glasgow and a hardcore deathmatch legend in the U.K. will be returning to ICW.  After Mikey Whiplash’s victory in a Dog Collar match over Stevie Boy, Whiplash attempted to put Stevie Boy in a coffin, only for 2017’s CZW Deathmatch Tournament winner and UK legend Jimmy Havoc to appear from out of the coffin.  He announced a 4-way death match between himself, Whiplash, Stevie Boy and Chris Renfrew.  At the beginning of Night 2, Molly Spartan attempted to get an interview with Lionheart to discuss his previous night’s loss to Joe Hendry.  Instead of doing an interview, Lionheart attacked her, which brought out ICW Owner Mark Dallas to announce that Lionheart will have a showcase match at the 10th annual Fear & Loathing with Rob Van Dam.  It was also announced on the show that Rey Mysterio Jr. will make his debut with ICW at the Hydro.

4. Championships change hands

The champions in ICW have been on quite a roll that in trying to predict the shows this past weekend, I thought none of them would change hands.  Boy was I wrong.  “Liverpool’s #1” has had such a strong start to his ICW career, winning the Zero-G title within 2 months of his debut and owning Kenny Williams at every turn of their feud.  I thought their ladder match on Saturday’s show was going to be the showcase to end Gibson’s feud with Williams and set himself up as a made man in ICW.  Instead, Williams won the ladder match and the title, and his reign lasted all of one day.  Williams lost the title to B.T. Gunn the next night.  Gunn becomes the first ever ICW Triple Crown winner.  Also, Kay Lee Ray has been on the roll of her career since winning the ICW Women’s title last November.  She has gone undefeated in ICW, defended the title in STARDOM in Japan, and has recently taped matches for WWE as part of the Mae Young Classic.  Her dropping the title to relative newcomer to ICW, Kasey Owens, was quite the shock.  Her then losing the rematch the next night to Owens was even more shocking.  This has to make you wonder if WWE loved what they saw of Kay Lee when she was in Orlando for the Mae Young Classic.  The tag team of Bird and Boar have had a masterful reign as ICW Tag Team champions, but their time may be coming to an end.  They had the opportunity to vanquish their toughest contenders to the titles, Polo Promotions, in a match that would see Polo Promotions break up if they lost.  In a match filled with interference from Stevie Hughes, Simon Cassidy, DCT, Coach Trip, and Kenny Williams, Polo Promotions were able to knock off The Marauders and earn a future title shot.

5. Joe Coffey’s reign of terror as ICW World Champion continues

While Coffey did not have a great night on Night 1 of Shug’s Hoose Party, he was a part of the losing team against Noam Dar and Sha Samuels (although Bram was the one who was pinned), he picked up a very loyal soldier to keeping his ICW World title with him and Rudo Sports Entertainment, Bram.  With the ruthless Bram by his side and Coffey’s newfound mean streak, the sky is the limit for his title reign.  He defeated Jack Jester in the main event of Night 2, escaping the steel cage after interference from Bram.  There appears to be nobody on the current ICW roster that could hold a candle to Coffey right now.

You can catch replays of ICW’s Shug’s Hoose Party 4, both nights 1 and 2, as well as their ICW Fight Club show on ICWOnDemand.com for $6.99 a month.