Making The Club a dominant tag-team

What’s wrong with the Good Brothers? Gallows and Anderson debuted on RAW with a bang! They destroyed the Usos in spectacular fashion, instantly making them badasses. However, despite a brief […]
What’s wrong with the Good Brothers?

Gallows and Anderson debuted on RAW with a bang! They destroyed the Usos in spectacular fashion, instantly making them badasses. However, despite a brief run as RAW Tag Champions, they’ve been mostly been treated as jobbers. When you have two incredible wrestlers going to waste, you know it’s time to shake things up.

The Club at the moment is the third most important heel team on RAW (behind Sheamus/Cesaro and The Revival). That’s wrestling blasphemy. We’re going to break down the ways in which WWE can make Tex Furguson and Chad 2 Badd can become the top team on RAW.

Face Turn (Option A)

RAW’s tag division is seriously lacking face teams. With Enzo/Cass as well as The Golden Truth splitting, the only face teams are the Hardys and Slater/Rhyno. Not only that with The Hardys seemingly in a programme with The Revival, Gallows and Anderson are the only viable team to face Sheamus/Cesaro.

As Vince likes to have clear faces and heels in feuds it would mean one of the teams would have to turn. As it’s a more interesting story to have the faces chases the gold, it would mean the Good Brothers would turn. I have two suggested routes.

Route one is a quick turn (before Summerslam). This route would involve both the Hardys and The Revival as well as Sheamus/Cesaro. First off, we would need a way to establish The Club as #1 Contenders. I recommend a Smackdown style battle royal which the Hype Bros won (that’s another article). Then say the Hardys are having a match against Sheamus/Cesaro and The Revival run interference. The two teams attack the Hardys, who would come to their aid? The Club! The Hardys are so over that if another team were to side with them it’d be an instant turn.

This may not get The Club completely over, but with some good promos and Sheamus/Cesaro using some dastardly tactics, it’s conceivable the audience would get behind Gallows and Anderson.

Face Turn (Option B)

Route two would take a little longer. It would require the impending Revival v. Hardys rivalry to come to an end. The Revival come out on top (Breaking the Hardys). They’d then come out and brag about being Top Guys (which they are). This would cause The Club to come out and challenge them.

This is a little more difficult than the previous option as it would require The Revival to out-heel The Club. If The Club (Anderson especially) put on some stellar matches it would help the fans get behind them. If that were to happen it isn’t beyond belief that a good series of matches with The Revival will push them up the card. Even in a losing effort.

Join face Finn Balor

This idea is a little like the Battleground 2016 story with The Club v. Cena and Cass/Enzo. However, this time the roles are reversed. A team is beating on Finn (The Miz and co.) causes The Club to come out and help Finn. This is conceivable as WWE have already teased Finn’s relationship to The Club.

The difference to the story last year would be, that the three of them would stick together as a face stable. This would get over huge! As on programmes like ‘Talk’n Shop’ Gallows and Anderson have proved they can be pretty fun.

Furthermore, if the three of them get over as faces it’ll be huge when they turn heel as a group! Maybe even setting up a Finn v. AJ feud with The Club coming out and beating the snot out of AJ every now and then.

Heel Balor joins The Club

Fine, this one is basically a carbon copy of AJ’s turn last year. The Club would once again interfere on his behalf without his permission, but still, he can’t get the job done. Eventually, this would lead to Balor losing his cool and joining the club.

The difference this time would be that the group wouldn’t be broken up by a draft. They could be like the Shield in that fact that between the three of them they could hold the tag titles and a singles title. If booked right they can be the most dominant team in WWE running through opponents until it was time for a face team to finally overcome their odds.

Not only that, as with the last suggestion as they’re heels they could get into a feud with a face AJ over ownership of The Club. The Club themselves could even turn on Balor within the group and align with AJ as either faces or heels.


We’re lucky that although they’re not booked awfully strong, The Club is in a place where they can easily be made a dominant team. It’s safe to say that one day Reptile and Fake Kane are going to dominate the WWE’s tag division regardless of brand. Mark my words.