SLTD Discuss: Favourite Hell in a Cell Match

Once again Team SLTD have got together to tell you what our favourite Hell in a Cell matches. There has been a lot of Hell in a Cell matches over […]

Once again Team SLTD have got together to tell you what our favourite Hell in a Cell matches. There has been a lot of Hell in a Cell matches over the last 30 years, so there is a lot matches to choose from.

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@BigMatchSully (Monster Match Sully )
My favourite HiAC match, without a doubt, is War Games 2000 with the Triple Cell! Just kidding… it’s WrestleMania 28th Triple H v The Undertaker.

This match didn’t have crazy spots like Mankind v. Taker or Shane O’Mac v. Taker. This match benefitted from having AMAZING STORYTELLING. It was crazy hard-hitting action from HHH and Undertaker and beautiful selling as a special guest ref by Shawn Michaels. (The best guest ref appearance ever, if you don’t include Michael Hayes as referee for Flair v. Von-Eric, Christmas Star Wars 1982). This amazing storytelling making this match the perfect match to watch if you want to watch quality wrestling. It’s also the perfect match to show someone if you want to get someone into wrestling.

This match should have been The Undertakers last, being billed as ‘The End of an Era’. Had this been the case, the match wouldn’t only be my favourite HiAC match, it’d probably be my favourite match ever.

@Chica_SLTD (Wrestle Chica)
I know this won’t be in a lot of people’s favourite Hell in a Cell matches however I couldn’t let this post go up with a mention to the first ever Woman’s Hell in a Cell match. Just a little over a year ago Charlotte and Sasha, again, made history when the Women’s Championship was defended inside Hell in a Cell. Compared to what we have seen previously, Shane and Foley pushing the limit to name just two this didn’t have any big bumps however these two women pushed themselves harder than they ever have and delivered a great match and a great Hell in a Cell match. Seeing Charlotte throwing Sasha at the cage was a great way to show that these two can go just as hard as the guys and deliver a match that at times has you watching from behind your hands! I’ll be honest Charlotte winning did annoy me yet again WWE gave her another first however it still didn’t take anything away from the great match and the history being made!

@callumowen98 (Facebook Manager)
Even though I adore the first two Hell In A Cell matches I can’t say I have a emotional attachment to either of the matches, mainly because I wasn’t born for them. The one Hell In A Cell match that always makes me remember why I love wrestling and makes me forget who won the match even though I’ve watched it hundreds of times, is the war between Triple H and the Hell in a Cell specialist The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 28 with HBK as the Special Guest Referee. The sheer tension there was during their second consecutive ‘Mania match was immense and as soon as Michaels hit the Sweet Chin Music for his DX partner to hit a Pedigree immediately, it seemed that the streak had been broken, but The Deadman kicked out and would go on to win the match. Another reason why this is my favourite Hell In A Cell match ever, is because I watched it live on Sky with my brother. We were both watching it on the edges of our seats, and even though he isn’t a massive WWE fan like me, he bought in to what I loved for 20-25 minutes. Still to this day almost 6 years later whenever we watch a Hell In A Cell match together we always mention how great Triple H vs The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 28 was.

@maruwe22 (What Would Matt Do?)
To determine which is my favourite Hell in a Cell match I’ve had to do some research. This was really difficult as I had to watch as many Hell in a Cell matches as I can. The things I do for this site! When I was first asked the question, it straight away came down to two matches : Triple H vs Cactus Jack at No Way Out 2000 or The Armageddon 2000 6 Man Hell in a Cell. The Triple H vs Cactus Jack was immense. The build up, the match, the intensity was amazing. The Armageddon match was also as amazing. Everyone in the match was built up to be a credible champion (even Rikishi, who was starting his heel turn). They both had amazing spots during the match and I suggest you watch both of them. But for me, just pipping the other match, my favourite Hell in a Cell match has to be Triple H vs Cactus Jack. But watch both and you won’t be disappointed!

@Tybo_SLTD (Tybo Talks)
The Hell in a Cell is easily one of my favourite matches. There has been a lot of great Cell matches, but one of the best has to be Undertaker vs Lesnar back in 2002. This is one of my favourites for a number of reasons. 2002 was when ‘Taker was ‘The American Badass’ and was more human than ever, with his pregnant wife at home. This was also the feud that legitimised Lesnar as an absolute machine, its easy to forget that 2002 was Lesnar’s rookie year. The match its self was ultra-violent, and ultra-brutal. Both guys end up bleeding a lot, and ‘Taker ends up basically pissing blood out of his head. The story they tell is of a very personal rivalry that can only be contained in a Hell in a Cell.

There are our favourite Hell in a Cell match, but what’s yours?